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Vulcan Forged has brought you an immensely fun, scalable building engine in VulcanVerse, our blockchain play-to-earn MMORPG. But why stop there? MetaScapes will soon bring a revolution to the metaverse – it is a platform designed to allow anyone in the world to build their own metaverse.

  • Create a plot of land – or as many as you need, for free
  • Build, trade, conjoin or sell your land
  • Create offline, with all data stored in a new NFT protocol: The ELS-M1
  • ELS-M1 will store and load the entire plot data into your MetaScapes engine
  • Choose the landscape and theme of land
  • Upgrade land and assets with fiat (payments are converted to PYR backend)
  • Own your own Scape – create a world, set the parameters and sell the land NFTs to whoever you like
  • MetaScapes is VR compatible – sculpt, explore and share your worlds with other avatars in virtual reality

We’re here to define the metaverse.

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